Quantifying the Impact of Misaligned Content in the Wild West of Video

Background: New research conducted by MAGNA in partnership with Channel Factory explores the layers of content suitability and how it can affect brands’ advertising efforts. “The Proximity Effect: Quantifying the Impact of Misaligned Content in the Wild West of Video” explores what brands need to know about misaligned content in different ad environments, as well as the role proximity plays when it comes to misaligned content.

What is considered misaligned? Content that commonly produces visceral reactions in people...e.g. pimple popping, ASMR and Mukbang (video host consumes various quantities of food). 

Where did you test? Video environments: pre-roll video and video card

A few key findings: 

  1. Misaligned content diminished the impact of otherwise hardworking ads
  2. People remember a brand’s ad, but for the wrong reasons
  3. Consumers feel brands shouldn’t be aligned with certain types of content

Download the study today to understand more about what we found and how it can help improve your advertising campaigns. Or reach out to Channel Factory directly at to set up a meeting with us to walk you through it in detail.


By IPG Magna in Partnership with Channel Factory
IPG Magna